My Imaginary Friend: The AntiChrist


I finished this custom side piece earlier this week. This girl sat like a champ for at least 5 hours while we finished the color and shading. Thanks Daisy, this was fun.

I Found My Mind In Connecticut

“Life is so strange, so is God with games
The one wrapped tightly around me like a dog with mange
Kick me in the stomach, I shit myself in the damn street
Left for dead, wanna be knocked out like that but can’t sleep.”

Another sick jammer I did on an awesome walk-in client from Connecticut last week. Sorry, just now getting around to uploading it, things have been pretty hectic this past few weeks.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Leaving DC Ink

Ironically enough that this would be one of the last tattoos I will be doing while at DC Ink. The shop is apparently closing and I have been seriously burning the candle at both ends trying to keep people coming through the door and still give each individual tattoo the time and effort it deserves. The last month, I have been in that shop every day, usually 10 to 12 hour days. This was entirely too much work for one person, my assisstants all quit and I was generally unhappy 90% of the time. Not to also mention that I was managing a shop with no money, super stressful.
Anyway, I will be starting at a new shop very soon, ill post where I will be as soon as we hammer out the details.
In the meantime, here’s another awesome tattoo I did on my boy Rico.


FML Tattoo

I did this sweet little jammer on my friend Maddie a few months ago but forgot to put up a picture. So here it is, straight from the sketchbook to the skin.

Ax tattoo up for grabs

I really want to tattoo this sketch I did on somebody. If this is a tattoo you'd like to get, please shoot me an email to
I got to do this fun little tattoo yesterday. This picture is from the second day, so please excuse the rough healing.

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