I did this sweet little jammer on my friend Maddie a few months ago but forgot to put up a picture. So here it is, straight from the sketchbook to the skin.

Company of wolves2.

I have been trying my damnedest to keep most of my newer my artwork secret lately, that way whenever I come out with my sketchbook for publication, all my followers on Tumblr, Facebook or whatever haven't already seen or tattooed everything in the book. However, I scanned in the first real piece of flash for the book and I just thought I would share: I can't wait to paint this piece later today.

Recent News, Recent Tattoos

Hey guys, I just wanted to give a quick update and let everyone know that I will no longer be working at X2 Ink in Germantown, however clients can still book appointments by giving me a call or text at 240.442.2868 or sending me an email to, describing in detail the tattoo you would... Continue Reading →

Sketchbook Pg 3

One of my easier New Year's resolutions this year was to do at least one sketch a day in my sketchbook and unfortunately that's the only resolution I haven't been keeping. However today I had a few free hours to sit down and actually focus on drawing and I came up with a few sketches... Continue Reading →

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