"Life is so strange, so is God with games The one wrapped tightly around me like a dog with mange Kick me in the stomach, I shit myself in the damn street Left for dead, wanna be knocked out like that but can’t sleep." Another sick jammer I did on an awesome walk-in client from... Continue Reading →

Sketch A Day: Day Six

Ok, so, not too many of my drawings really need any explaination, so I'm not going to treat this one any differently. All I'm going to say is $50 and you can take the spankin' money home with you today forever! Call 240.686.0234 to make your appointment. Posted from WordPress for Android

Sketchbook Pg 3

One of my easier New Year's resolutions this year was to do at least one sketch a day in my sketchbook and unfortunately that's the only resolution I haven't been keeping. However today I had a few free hours to sit down and actually focus on drawing and I came up with a few sketches... Continue Reading →

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