The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2012


New Orleans

3:18 AM. I'm standing in the rain outside of my warm Maryland home, loading the last of my tattoo gear and luggage into the back of a run-down airport shuttle and embarking on my journey to New Orleans. My driver, a short elderly man with no sense of amusement at all,  ignores my jokes and... Continue Reading →

Epic Cellphone Photos

I have been talking about uploading all my "Epic Cellphone Pictures" to a Photobucket for a few months now with some friends and I finally got around to doing it last night. I seriously love the camera on my phone and I love taking pictures of wherever I may be at the time so I... Continue Reading →

I will be leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow

I will be attending the Association of Professional Piercers conference until the 11th. I will return to tattooing at X2 Ink in Germantown on Monday, June 13. Still feel free to call the shop at 240.686.0234 to make an appointment with me at either shop.

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