The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2012


Rollin’ Out

I haven't updated this in a while, actually, I have barely left the house in the past few days because I have been working on my sketchbook and drawing tattoos for The Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention, which I will be tattooing at this weekend. I still have some openings Friday and Sunday, so if your... Continue Reading →

New Orleans

3:18 AM. I'm standing in the rain outside of my warm Maryland home, loading the last of my tattoo gear and luggage into the back of a run-down airport shuttle and embarking on my journey to New Orleans. My driver, a short elderly man with no sense of amusement at all,  ignores my jokes and... Continue Reading →

The World Isn’t Ready Yet

I just spent half of my evening tonight going over a very awesome projected travel schedule with my dudes. I am very excited to be traveling again and am even more excited to have good friends to go with. I will be seeing the world with amazing painters, artists, piercers, tattooists and basically anyone crazy... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Tattoo Convention

Here are some of the pictures that I took at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention. I had an amazing time, met some awesome people and got some great tattoos. Check out the pictures below and if you didn't come this year, be jealous.

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