TATTOO: Hourglass Cover-Up


A super fun tattoo I did this week on a girl who wanted to cover-up a butterfly tattoo she has hated for years.
I’m pretty happy I could help and do this sweet piece on her.



I rarely do cover-ups.  I feel like a tattooo should be planned out and prepared for. Tattoos should be like stds,  you catch a bad one, you’re in it for life. However this girl came t me with this amazing idea and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen this before.Mistakes happen, realize it, make it better and move on. 
I had so much fun doing this tattoo though, I pretty much got to scribble out some crazy shit with my machine. Twas a good day.

Bringing Skulls to Life

Today I had the opportunity to go over a tattoo of some skulls that a client had gotten while on vacation in Bolivia.
I had a lot of fun doing this tattoo, but unfortunately I had forgotten to get an before picture until halfway though. But if you look at the first picture you can see what was there and what I did already.

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Lily Cover-up

Today I had the opportunity to cover up another tattoo-party tattoo. I really feel like I am doing my part to promote good tattoo art in the DC area by covering up all these tattoos, one tattoo at a time.
This one came out beautifully and I couldn’t ask for a better client to do it on. This girl was at the shop as soon as we opened with a picture of the flower she wanted to get and wasn’t wasting any time. It was awesome, not to also mention she sat like a champ for two and a half hours.

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