UP FOR GRABS: Nautalis custom.


Wanted: New Home for Hand Tattoo

I drew this cool little tattoo last night and I would really like to do it this week, preferably on someone's hand. I have been slacking on my writing lately, however I have been trying to blog daily. I’ll keep trying! I’m a work in progress. Anyways, Happy Wednesday guys! Until tomorrow, check out my tumblr by clicking the image above and be sure to follow me on twitter @bobbyrotten13.

Company of wolves2.

I have been trying my damnedest to keep most of my newer my artwork secret lately, that way whenever I come out with my sketchbook for publication, all my followers on Tumblr, Facebook or whatever haven't already seen or tattooed everything in the book. However, I scanned in the first real piece of flash for the book and I just thought I would share: I can't wait to paint this piece later today.

New Start

Since I am no longer working at X2 Ink and tattooing by appointment only, I have had a lot more time than usual to work on my artwork and the things I would like to do. This is a product of such free time, but trust me, this is only a dent in what I... Continue Reading →

Gypsy girl sketch

I have spent the past seven hours laying sprawled out on my studio floor watching the second season of The Wire and working on some drawings for this sketchbook I am having published. I did a lot of sketches from midnight til now, but this is one of the only ones I really liked and... Continue Reading →

I want to tattoo any of these..

I'm had to stop puting a lot of my sketches online because I am having a sketchbook made and what's the use of buying the book if everything is online for for free. But I do want to do these tattoos, so come and get 'em..

Sketch Twenty-Two

Quick sketch I did while I was dying from this killer toothache last night. I will do this as a tattoo this week only for $75. First come, first serve.

Sketch A Day: Day Eighteen

Here is a quick 20 minute sketch I just finished of a chili pepper. Sorry for the blotch to the right of the halo, I spilled some ink on this page when I was doing day seventeen's sketch. Posted from WordPress for Android

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