UP FOR GRABS: Nautalis custom.


Ax tattoo up for grabs

I really want to tattoo this sketch I did on somebody. If this is a tattoo you'd like to get, please shoot me an email to bobbyrotten13@gmail.com
Added this all-seeing-eye flower to this sleeve I have been working on. It's awesome to see constant progression in my own work.



I got to do this fun little tattoo yesterday. This picture is from the second day, so please excuse the rough healing.

Wanted: New Home for Hand Tattoo
I drew this cool little tattoo last night and I would really like to do it this week, preferably on someone’s hand.
I have been slacking on my writing lately, however I have been trying to blog daily. I’ll keep trying! I’m a work in progress. Anyways, Happy Wednesday guys! Until tomorrow, check out my tumblr by clicking the image above and be sure to follow me on twitter @bobbyrotten13 to keep up with the insanity.

Sketch Twenty-Two


Quick sketch I did while I was dying from this killer toothache last night. I will do this as a tattoo this week only for $75. First come, first serve.

Sketch 20: A Sailor’s Grave


I drew this quick sketch today based on a classic piece of Lyle Tuttle flash. I need to tattoo this as soon as possible, so let me know if you’d like to own this lil’ banger.

PS- I won’t be calling this “a sketch a day” any longer, at least until I can devote the proper “daily” time to this, stay tuned.

Sketch A Day: Day Eighteen


Here is a quick 20 minute sketch I just finished of a chili pepper. Sorry for the blotch to the right of the halo, I spilled some ink on this page when I was doing day seventeen’s sketch.

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