MUSIC: Millencolin “Fingers Crossed”

“It doesn’t matter what others say
Even those you call friends.
Don’t leave it out for another day
This might be your big chance.
You’re the one always beside me
When I’m lost you’re always to guide me.
It’s about time I give you something back
I’m the one selfish and greedy.
Never care enough what you needed
But even still you had the strength to get back in the end.”

Motorized Bicycle of Death


I just randomly bought this moped last night, I love anything with some speed, danger and a motor and this definitely falls into that catagory.
After letting a few friends ride it and taking it for a long ride last night we have become convinced that this is the sketchiest fun that you can have on 2 wheels without a drivers license. In fact it was affectionately dubbed “the motorized bike of death.”
The guy I bought this from built it himself, it tops out at about 50 mph and has manual brakes so you can imagine how much fun this thing is.. no really, it’s a blast. I spent a few hours last night flying around the dark streets of Germantown, no headlights yet, just dark open roads, lit cigarettes and the sounds of The Exploited coming from my headphones dangling from around my neck. I am all about the good time had on a sketchy bike and I can’t wait to take it into the city.

Minor Threat

Nothing has been going on in my life worth writing about in the past week or so I thought I would leave my readers with this awesome video of Minor Threat performing live and Ian punching a fan in the face.
I wish I could have been at this show, it looked like a lot of fun, however it happened in ’83, a year before I was born.
Also, I am taking appointments for next Wednesday the 6th, if anybody is interested in getting a custom tattoo then, give me a call at 301-333-1236 tomorrow or Saturday from 1-9.

I’m Never Having Kids

… but if I did, I would totally want them to be like this.
Which brings me to another subject that I’d like to address. It’s not that I don’t like children, however, I really believe that they’re not for me.
I am the oldest of nine kids aged 7-25, I grew up with them all and spent countless hours with them. Ask any of my siblings who their favorite is, and it will be me haha. I know all about the joys of children, I just really think that I already had my fill.
So, parents, when I’m talking shit on kids, don’t get all caught up in your feelings, its not that I hate them, they’re just not for everybody.
And at this point in my life, they’re not for me.

Who wants a GG Allin portrait??

$100 bucks. Who want’s him??!

I think I’d like to fuck your brains out, but it doesn’t look like you have any.

One of the greatest songs of all time featured in this clip from one of the greatest movies of all time: D.I. playing Richard Hung Himself in the movie Suburbia.

If you’ve never seen Suburbia, check it out today, it’s on Netflix.

GG Allin Bobblehead

I’m pretty sure this is against everything that GG Allin stood for, but I really want to buy one anyway.