Is everybody ready for the Baltimore Tattoo Convention? I will be there getting tattooed by Rick Toms on Saturday and hopefully getting tattooed on Sunday as well.
I can’t wait to see everybody there. It’s gonna be a fucking awesome time.


I’m Never Having Kids

… but if I did, I would totally want them to be like this.
Which brings me to another subject that I’d like to address. It’s not that I don’t like children, however, I really believe that they’re not for me.
I am the oldest of nine kids aged 7-25, I grew up with them all and spent countless hours with them. Ask any of my siblings who their favorite is, and it will be me haha. I know all about the joys of children, I just really think that I already had my fill.
So, parents, when I’m talking shit on kids, don’t get all caught up in your feelings, its not that I hate them, they’re just not for everybody.
And at this point in my life, they’re not for me.

I want this jacket.

I will have it, even if I have to have one printed, I will have one.

Speaking of which, I am getting my Hunter S. Thompson tattoo Thursday. I am so excited.

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