Quick Watercolor

I did this 30 minute watercolor painting while I was at work on my day off today. I hadn't done a watercolor in a few months and was excited with how this one came out, despite my vacation. Posted from WordPress for Android



Well, here I am again, its 6:54 AM and I am doing what I have been doing for the past 3 or so nights at 7 in the morning: tapping my brain of every last bit of creative energy that it has stored from the previous day. I often wonder if my insomnia is real... Continue Reading →

Watercolor: Revisited

This is the first watercolor that I have done in probably about 3 years. I lost all technique that I once acquired and feel like I am starting over but this one painting that I did sparked a whole new desire to start painting with watercolors again. This painting was a lot of fun because... Continue Reading →

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