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Company of wolves2.

I have been trying my damnedest to keep most of my newer my artwork secret lately, that way whenever I come out with my sketchbook for publication, all my followers on Tumblr, Facebook or whatever haven't already seen or tattooed everything in the book. However, I scanned in the first real piece of flash for the book and I just thought I would share: I can't wait to paint this piece later today.

Aftercare 2.0

I have been tattooing for long enough now for me to have my own set of tattoo aftercare instructions and here they are. Honestly, I can't believe I am still awake at 7 AM working so hard on sheets of paper I am going to hand out to clients to be casually stuffed into purses,... Continue Reading →

New Shop Flyers

I just designed this new flyer to advertise for the tattoos shop today. It's been an very relaxed afternoon at the tattoo shop as we are all planning on heading out to the Montgomery County Fair after work and we are counting down the hours. Anyhow I'm about to take my 2-wheeled death cycle to... Continue Reading →

New cards

My new business cards finally came in today. I am super excited about how they came out, especially since they feature my own original artwork and I designed them. I can't wait to start handing them out and I really feel as though they are an accurate representation of the tattoo work I do, clean... Continue Reading →

My 50th Post

I figured that by my 50th post I would have already designed a header for this site, however, how ironic that my 50th post would be about a header that I designed for this blog. I had started this site randomly one day last June and have been running it by the seat of my... Continue Reading →

DIY til I Die

Winter is right around the corner, unfortunately. And every tattoo artist knows what happens in the winter... absolutely nothing. It's the "dry season" for tattooing and in resolve not be forced to get a part-time job selling my semen to lesbian couples wishing pregnancy, I have been hitting the street old-school DIY punk fashion. I'm... Continue Reading →

New Business Card

This is the mock design for my newest set of business cards. What do you guys think? They'll be available to grab in a few days so get them before I start with the new design.

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