TATTOO: Wolf in Sheeps Clothing


Wolf in Sheeps Clothing.

Bobby Rotten

I finished this one last week, but I’m just now getting around to uploading it to my site. I’m pretty excited because this is only the 1st session of many. I’ve been working on the sketch all week.  I’m sorry for the glare we had been working on this piece for awhile and I’ll upload a healed pic as soon as I get it this week.

TATTOO: Black and grey rose banger


Black and grey rose by Bobby Rotten

TATTOO: Traditional rose stomach tattoo


Finished this tattoo earlier this week. I had a ton of fun doing this tattoo.

TATTOOS: Weekly Recap



From my sketchbook.

This has been an amazing week of great clients with great tattoo ideas I was able to make come to life.
I love my job.

MUSIC: Crizzly “CrunkStep Mixtape”

I have been listening to this for almost two weeks straight now. You’re all very welcome.

TATTOO: Old Dirty Bastard


I am one of the biggest advocates of stepping outside your comfort zone, especially in life.
When I tattoo I am constantly sticking with a certain style that I know, love and am comfortable with, mainly because it’s what I’m good at. So when a client came in with this idea, I was semi-reluctant to take it on, had it not been for my love of ODB and Wu-Tang Clan, I might have passed this tattoo onto another artist any other day.
However, I am confident in my skill as an artist and it produced this awesome tattoo which I am super proud of, so once again, I have been proved that I do not belong in any one single box, but rather perform best where I feel I don’t belong or undertaking things outside of my comfort zone. I wish more people would adapt this attitude, I feel the
world would be a much more colorful place.
To make an appointment with me for a tattoo consultation or to get some work done, please shoot me and email to: or come Laughing Hyena Tattoos, 1454 Park Rd., Washington DC, 20001.

MUSIC: Misanthrope by Cage

Gave up smack, don’t smoke crack
PCP made me think so black.
At the end of lines I threw up pills
Drink like this cause I’m low on thrills.
Ketamine ketaset
Big k-hole and I bet it’s wet.
Way past pro bitch, I’m a vet
Fuck NA, I’m high as shit.
Nose bleeds choke to sleep
Hurt her guts cause I poke too deep.


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