TATTOO: Gangsta Snoopy Smalls

I did this fun Snoopy tattoo on my dude Rene recently. For those of you who don’t get the reference, this is from a well known Biggie Smalls song Kick In the Door.


TATTOO: Black and grey rose banger


Black and grey rose by Bobby Rotten

TATTOO: Traditional rose stomach tattoo


Finished this tattoo earlier this week. I had a ton of fun doing this tattoo.

TATTOOS: Weekly Recap



From my sketchbook.

This has been an amazing week of great clients with great tattoo ideas I was able to make come to life.
I love my job.

MUSIC: Crizzly “CrunkStep Mixtape”

I have been listening to this for almost two weeks straight now. You’re all very welcome.

TATTOO: Old Dirty Bastard


I am one of the biggest advocates of stepping outside your comfort zone, especially in life.
When I tattoo I am constantly sticking with a certain style that I know, love and am comfortable with, mainly because it’s what I’m good at. So when a client came in with this idea, I was semi-reluctant to take it on, had it not been for my love of ODB and Wu-Tang Clan, I might have passed this tattoo onto another artist any other day.
However, I am confident in my skill as an artist and it produced this awesome tattoo which I am super proud of, so once again, I have been proved that I do not belong in any one single box, but rather perform best where I feel I don’t belong or undertaking things outside of my comfort zone. I wish more people would adapt this attitude, I feel the
world would be a much more colorful place.
To make an appointment with me for a tattoo consultation or to get some work done, please shoot me and email to: or come Laughing Hyena Tattoos, 1454 Park Rd., Washington DC, 20001.

MUSIC: Misanthrope by Cage

Gave up smack, don’t smoke crack
PCP made me think so black.
At the end of lines I threw up pills
Drink like this cause I’m low on thrills.
Ketamine ketaset
Big k-hole and I bet it’s wet.
Way past pro bitch, I’m a vet
Fuck NA, I’m high as shit.
Nose bleeds choke to sleep
Hurt her guts cause I poke too deep.


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